Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fabian Full Moon

Baby full moon or full month celebrations are celebrated by Chinese families whose baby reaches 1 month after birth. On the baby's full month, some families host a dinner to entertain friends and relatives. Red hard-boiled eggs will be distributed too.

Nowadays, some of the traditional customs are still being practised either in whole or in part by modern parents. The practice of distributing Full Moon Gift Pack is to announce the arrival of a newborn in the family and also to thanks the relatives and friends for their gift. The baby will shave bold and have to pray to the ancestor and God for giving a beautiful, healthy child.

Finally, I have finished my confinement. The best thing is I can BATH! Ha ha ha…..the worst thing I hate confinement is I can’t take bath. It’s really very irritating. Some more our weather here is so hot. But what can we do? This is our Chinese customs and tradition. Here are some foods to serve my fellow friends and thank you for all the wishes. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends !!
I make this Christmas tree to all of you! My husband bought this puzzle for my daughter but she don't know how to play. At the end, her mother is the one who play the puzzle. I have use the puzzle to make some flowers, turtle, frog and christmas tree. I tell my husband this puzzle is not suitable for her to play. This is for age 5 and above. This is educational toys call HEXABITS. It is hexagon shape will enable you to create thousands of different images and patterns. It is easy and fun. Just follow the diagram provided. My husband bought it from market. Yes! from market because he have to take her mother to market so he saw this toys and think is fun.

This is how it look like before you put them together.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Introduce my newborn baby!

This picture taken when he is 3 days old.

This picture taken 1 week later.

Introduce my newborn baby, his weight is 3.23kg. He was born in Island hospital on 2nd December 2008. He got jaundice, so have to admit hospital to go under the light. But now is getting better. Now I want to take more rest so write to all of you soon.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Will be away......

I will be away for few weeks because I’m giving birth next week. My due date is on 16th Dec but I’m caesarean. So, it will be earlier. I’m so excited to see my baby soon. I wonder how he looks like. Will he look alike his dad or me?

Now I’m feeling very tired and exhausted. I’m hoping my baby come out earlier than the date I fix with my Gynae. When I’m lying down I will choose one side to turn over then stay for a very long time. Because is kind of hard for me to turn over. Every night I need to wake up and pass urine. Urgh…I’m so lazy because after I get up, is very hard for me to get to sleep.

Last weeks, I went shopping with my husband. I never felt so tired before. After the shopping my back ache and my legs are so tired. Last time I can go shopping for whole day without complaining but during my pregnancy at the last semester, is really hard to do that. I keep rush my husband. Normally we can finish shopping for the CNY clothes in 2 days. But this time we need to take a week to finish.

So, I will stop blogging for few weeks and I can’t visit all your blogs at the mean time. I will post my newborn child once I’m ready. Bye and see you guys soon.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chloe finally know how to button her clothes

My daughter has practice how to button her clothes for more than 6 month. Finally she can button her clothes without my help. I’m so proud of her. See how happy she is when she finish button her pajamas. Now she is practicing how to take out her t-shirt. How I hope she can bath herself…he he he… I can have more time on other chores. See how lazy I am. But I think this still need a very long time to go.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jelutong Seafood ( Sri Anjung Ikan Bakar )

Sometimes we like to try out Malay foods. Last weekend, my husband and I went to try this Malay stall at Jelutong, all the way from Bukit Dumbar. The foods there are very good, but the vegetables are too salty. I like the “ikan bakar” and “Lala masak pedas” is very good. The price is quite reasonable. All we eat just Rm45, plus drinks. Before that we have tried the “Nasi Goreng Paprik and Sotong Masak Pedas” also not bad.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New clothes for my newborn baby

This set of clothes will let him wear when he comes back from hospital.

I’m going to let my baby wear this when he is 1-month-old for the praying ceremony.

Our family got praying ceremony when the baby is full moon means 1-month-old. We will take baby to pray the ancestors and Gods. To thank the ancestors and Gods blessed our child.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hat and Shoes

This hat and shoes is belongs to my husband. My mother-in-law bought for him when he is 1 month old, but the shoes is knitted by his grandmother (mother side). My husband grandmother had passed away last year. So, we really have to cherish this.

Nowadays, we usually choose pink for girl and blue for boy. However, last time, they prefer red. They don’t care whether boy or girl also has to wear red color clothes and hat. I wonder how many of you still keeping your childhood things. My mother-in-law really manages to keep my husband things until now and it’s still looking brand new. For me, my mom didn’t keep for me my childhood things.

Now, my mother-in-law passes this to me. I really don’t know I can manage to keep this until the next generation. Ha ha….I doesn’t think I’m a good keeper. Hopefully, I can let my grandchildren see my daughter childhood things and their grandfather’s hat and shoes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Super Scribbler Award

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Pink Sisterhood

I had tagged by Mummy Gwen. This tag is about breast cancer awareness. Thank you for the tag.
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Pink Sisterhood
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pork trotter ( Pig's Leg ) in vinegar

I really like to eat pork trotter vinegar but I don’t know how to cook. I asked my mom to teach me before but her way is quite complicated. Then, one day I told my friend, she teaches me her way. The recipe is very simple.


1 pork trotter
600ml black rice vinegar
Dried chilies
Sesame oil
600ml water

1. Cut the trotter into pieces. Boil in water for 15 minutes. Drain and put aside.
2. Wash, peel and smashed the ginger.
3. Heat the sesame oil in the pot. Stir fry the ginger until fragrant and add in the pork trotter.
4. Fry the pork trotter for a while then add in the vinegar, water and dried chilies, bring to boil then reduce to low heat. Simmer until trotter is tender.

My recipe is different with local pork trotter vinegar because I got add dried chilies. So, it is spicy and sour, I really like the taste. It will taste better if you leave it over night. If you don’t like spicy, you can don’t add the chilies. Hope you like it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Citybayview Revolving Restaurant

This is the view from the restaurant when we just arrived......
After 30 minutes....

My family is an ice-cream lover.....

Apple pie and vanilla ice-cream....

Seafood Platter...

At the revolving restaurant, the menu doesn’t have much choice and the buffet also doesn’t have much varieties. I think you can just go there for ice-cream. The ice-cream is from Baskin Robbins. We go there is because of the ice-cream and the environment.

My daughter really enjoy the food very much, because she don't have chance to eat deep fried food at home.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Things my brother bought for my children

The clothes are for my second child. This doggy supposes to give my second child too but my daughter saw this she already said she wants. She wants to give her old pink bear to her baby brother. Sigh….

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple chips

Last time my sister-in-law told me that US they have apple chips and we cannot find it here. One day, I went to Jusco I saw apple chips but the taste is not that good and not crispy at all. This time my brother went to US and bought apple chips for me. I try it and it is really very good. The apple chips sold here cannot compare with the US one.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This is my daughter creation....


When my brother goes traveling he will bring back flight toys or things for children from the flight he takes. Then he will give it to my daughter. This time he brings back a backpack. This backpack includes notebook, crayon, stickers, coloring book, book mark, passport cover and sticker puzzle. The thing I like the most is the passport cover. It’s really very nice. At first, I thought is just a bag but later my daughter open only I know there are so many things inside. Before I manage to take picture, my daughter already start busy with her stickers and crayon.

Friday, October 17, 2008


During pregnancy I like to replace my junk food with biscuit, dried fruits and nuts. However, now keep hearing the news that too much melamine in the biscuit. So, when I want to buy biscuit also has worried whether it is safe to eat. Many biscuits need ammonium bicarbonate. We don’t know how to differentiate whether this is ok or not. Which level is over the limit? We are not chemist and the box won’t tell us where the ingredients are come from. The only facts that they provide is nutrition, made or manufacturing from. It’s really very hard for us to choose. Now, it’s happen to the biscuit, but we don’t know when it will pop out news from other product. And some of the food we’ve been eating for so long. Really worry…….. Do you have anything to share with me? What is your point of view?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chloe Pretend to be Doctor

My daughter likes to watch Barney very much. In the show, Barney always got what you want to be when you grow up? One of the children will pretend to be doctor. Since then my daughter keep asking me to buy her doctor’s tools. So, her daddy promises to buy for her.

After we bought for her, she was so happy. When we arrived home, she wants to play with it. She asks me and her daddy sit down to be her patient. She wants to check our tummy, ears, eyes and mouth. Her daddy says, after playing this toy, maybe next time she can be a doctor. Ha ha….I laughed. I say “Don’t be silly. If what we want our child to be, then we bought them the toy, next time they will become what they play today. That’s very good. We no need to worry anymore.” It is so funny. What a silly thought my husband have.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why, Why, Why?

Since last month, my daughter keep asking me why, why, why? Everything I do she will ask me why? Why girl have to squad down pass urine? Why daddy stand when he pass urine? Why daddy cannot go in girl’s toilet? Why mommy this and that? Urgh….sometimes I do feel very annoying. But, what to do, this is children growing pathway.

One day, her daddy locks the main door in the house. She asks him “why we have to lock the door?” Her daddy replies “If we didn’t lock the door, later at night the thief can come into our house and steal our things.” She says “oh, ok. Then now where is the thief?” My husband also doesn’t know how to answer her. When she asks where is the policeman? The policeman is in the police station. Where is the doctor? The doctor is in the hospital. When she asks where is the thief? What should we answer? Aiyo…I really feel headache answer her questions.

Children can think of a question through our answer. So, the question is endless. I feel like don’t want to answer her question, but she will only learn through the entire question. I will answer her question as much as possible. I really don’t know when all this will end………

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Daughter First Computer

Last year my brother-in-law bought a computer for my daughter, but that time she is too young to play with. So, I kept until now only take out for her to play. Although her age is still not appropriate to play.
This ClickStart My First Computer from Leap Frog introduces computer and preschool skills by turning any TV into a child’s first computer. A child can learn words, letters, phonics, numbers, colours, logic skills and other essentials. This product is suitable for children 3-6 years old. I do think this is a great product for your child to learn while their playing games.
My daughter love to play with it very much. However, she still cannot manage the mouse properly. So, she can only play with games using the keyboard. Maybe she just need more practice. Whenever I take my laptop out, she will ask me to take her computer too. She just likes to follow what I did.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vegetarian Foods

Vegetarian Sushi and Lor Bak
Vegetarian Burger and Pizza
Now, there a lot of variety of vegetarian’s food. I can find food like pizza, Satay, burger, Rojak, Lor Bak and many more. I just can’t believe it there are vegetarian’s cheese. I wonder what they made of. At this time, many people who are not eating vegetarian will also enjoy the food. Because normally we cannot find so many type of vegetarian food. Some more is so convenient. Every town there are stalls by the street selling vegetarian’s food during this festival.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival (Part 2)

Temple in Burmah Road (车水路)
Vegetarian stalls opposite Burmah Road Temple. The street name is Madras Lane. Here got a lot of varieties vegetarians’ food. There a few stalls in this street open 24 hours. So, anytime you can enjoy nice food here. But, nowadays vegetarian’s food is quite expensive.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Nine Emperor Gods Festival ( Part 1 )

Every year, the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (Chinese: 九皇爺; pinyin: jiǔhuángyé; Hokkien: Kow Ong Yah; Cantonese: Kow Wong Yeh) is held for the first nine days of the Chinese 9th lunar month. This is a Chinese festival to celebrate the return from heaven to earth of the Nine Emperor spirits, who are worshiped as one deity known as Mazu (Chinese: 妈祖/天后), the Taoist goddess of the sea and queen of heaven who represents health, wealth and prosperity. The festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth moon in the Chinese lunar calendar. Devotees flock to temples throughout the country for the festival
The Nine Emperor Gods are part of a spirit-medium cult known locally as “Jieu Hwang Yeh”. These nine deities are believed to dwell in the stars in heaven under the reign of “Mazu”.
On the eve of the ninth moon, temples of the deities hold a ceremony to invoke and welcome the nine emperors. Since the arrivals of the gods are believed to be through the waterways, processions are held from temples to the sea-shore or river to symbolize this belief. Devotees dressed in traditional white, carrying incense and candles; await the arrival of their Excellencies.
A carnival-like atmosphere pervades the temple throughout the nine-day festival. During this period of time, the constant tinkling of a prayer bell and chants from the temple priests are heard. Most devotees stay at the temple, eat vegetarian meals and recite continuous chanting of prayer. It is believed that there will be rain throughout the nine days of celebration.
The ninth day of the festival is its climax. A procession which draws scores of devotees send the deities back home (a waterway such as river or sea )

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Minced Fish Omelette


(A) Mix well
150g minced fish meat
1 tbsp chopped Chinese parsley
1 tbsp chopped spring onion

(B) Beat well
2 eggs
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste

1) Rub a little oil on non-stick pan. Scoop in a tablespoonful of egg. Fry briefly into an omelette.
2) Put ½ tsp of minced fish meat on egg omelette. Fold up to a form a half-moon shape.
3) Fry both sides until golden. (Repeat until finished)
My friend borrows me a recipe book. Then I try this dish and the taste is not bad. Some more is very simple. You can try it out.

Milk Bottle

This bottle have unique internal vent eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles, to help reduce colic, burping, and wind. By eliminating the negative pressure, it can help reduce built up of fluid in baby’s ear.
Last week I went to shop for my second child. I start to buy bottle and clothes for my baby boy. My daughter use this brand bottle and I think is very good. Before my daughter use this bottle, she tends to have wind in her tummy. So, one day I went to a shop, this lady introduces me this bottle. I give it a try. It really reduces my daughter wind. From then on, I have used this bottle until now.