Monday, September 29, 2008

Nine Emperor Gods Festival ( Part 1 )

Every year, the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (Chinese: 九皇爺; pinyin: jiǔhuángyé; Hokkien: Kow Ong Yah; Cantonese: Kow Wong Yeh) is held for the first nine days of the Chinese 9th lunar month. This is a Chinese festival to celebrate the return from heaven to earth of the Nine Emperor spirits, who are worshiped as one deity known as Mazu (Chinese: 妈祖/天后), the Taoist goddess of the sea and queen of heaven who represents health, wealth and prosperity. The festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth moon in the Chinese lunar calendar. Devotees flock to temples throughout the country for the festival
The Nine Emperor Gods are part of a spirit-medium cult known locally as “Jieu Hwang Yeh”. These nine deities are believed to dwell in the stars in heaven under the reign of “Mazu”.
On the eve of the ninth moon, temples of the deities hold a ceremony to invoke and welcome the nine emperors. Since the arrivals of the gods are believed to be through the waterways, processions are held from temples to the sea-shore or river to symbolize this belief. Devotees dressed in traditional white, carrying incense and candles; await the arrival of their Excellencies.
A carnival-like atmosphere pervades the temple throughout the nine-day festival. During this period of time, the constant tinkling of a prayer bell and chants from the temple priests are heard. Most devotees stay at the temple, eat vegetarian meals and recite continuous chanting of prayer. It is believed that there will be rain throughout the nine days of celebration.
The ninth day of the festival is its climax. A procession which draws scores of devotees send the deities back home (a waterway such as river or sea )

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Minced Fish Omelette


(A) Mix well
150g minced fish meat
1 tbsp chopped Chinese parsley
1 tbsp chopped spring onion

(B) Beat well
2 eggs
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste

1) Rub a little oil on non-stick pan. Scoop in a tablespoonful of egg. Fry briefly into an omelette.
2) Put ½ tsp of minced fish meat on egg omelette. Fold up to a form a half-moon shape.
3) Fry both sides until golden. (Repeat until finished)
My friend borrows me a recipe book. Then I try this dish and the taste is not bad. Some more is very simple. You can try it out.

Milk Bottle

This bottle have unique internal vent eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles, to help reduce colic, burping, and wind. By eliminating the negative pressure, it can help reduce built up of fluid in baby’s ear.
Last week I went to shop for my second child. I start to buy bottle and clothes for my baby boy. My daughter use this brand bottle and I think is very good. Before my daughter use this bottle, she tends to have wind in her tummy. So, one day I went to a shop, this lady introduces me this bottle. I give it a try. It really reduces my daughter wind. From then on, I have used this bottle until now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Food Feeder Bag

This product is suitable for children 6 month and above. You can put food inside this net bag, press until you hear a click sound then it locked. Your child cannot open this cover because is very tight. So, is very safe to prevent your child get choked.
When my daughter is 6-month-old, I used to put fruits like banana, papaya, honeydew, apple, pear and biscuit inside this food feeder for her to eat. I will put her in her booster sit. After that, I will go and do my house chores. She will enjoy her food safely and I can finish my work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My trip to Thailand

Last month, we went to Thailand Hadyai but we stay at Dannok means border. Some people say Kayu Hitam. My daughter wants to see elephant there. At Dannok, there are 4 elephant whose the local people keep to earn money. When evening, they will bring the elephant and go round the town ask people to feed the elephant, until midnight. You can count how many kilometer the elephant have to walk for such a long hours.
We have a friend leave there. He told us that the elephant is very pity. They actually cannot afford to feed the elephant. You can imagine such a big elephant must have a big appetite and the sugarcane that we buy to feed the elephant is very small part only. One packet got 4 small part of sugarcane and 3 packet cost me RM5. How can this fill the elephant up? Every afternoon they will take the elephant go to Durian stall and eat the durian thorn-covered husk. Yes! It’s true. I feel so upset. The elephant have to work, earn money for them but they can’t even fill them up. This is unfair for them. The elephant should go back to the wild. Hopefully the elephant will have freedom one day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

This coming Sunday is Mid-Autumn Festival, so we went to buy Mooncakes. In this box include 4 flavor Mooncakes. There are red bean paste without yolk, kiwi fruit, lotus paste without yolk and corn paste with golden delight. I don’t really like to eat salty egg yolk, so all the Mooncakes I buy don’t have yolk. When I purchase Mooncakes, I will find out the brand got new taste or not. I used to buy other brand, because they don’t have new taste so I decide to buy other brand. Hopefully this brand I bought is tasty. Some more they have new taste, which I never taste before. I’m here to wish all of you Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (中秋节快乐!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cord Blood Stem Cell

I know Cord blood stem cell through magazine. I had keep cord blood for my 1st child and decide to keep for my 2nd child. This is like a bio-insurance. Umbilical cord blood provides a painless, safe and non-controversial means of acquiring stem cells that can be used to treat patients with rare blood disorders, such as the sickle cell anemia, thalassemia and leukemia. In the past, cord bloods were considered a medical waste and are often discarded following child birth.

What are Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells?
Umbilical cord blood, otherwise known simply as “cord blood’ or “placental blood”, is the blood that remains in the newborn’s umbilical cord and placenta following birth. Cord blood stem cells are the key building blocks of the human blood and immune system. In other words, cord blood stem cells can be used to generate red blood cells and cells of the human immune system.
The baby’s umbilical cord blood is a rich and valuable source of stem cells, which are genetically unique to the baby and his/her family. It is an alternative source of stem cell transplantation, where traditionally bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells have been used. Umbilical cord blood stem cells are less prone to develop Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD) than either bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells. This is because the umbilical cord stem cells have not yet develop into features that could be recognized by our own body cells and tissues.

The past 3 years, this company is using manually to transfer the stem cell but now they have a new technology call AXP Autoxpress Platform. There are two storage methods; one is stored in 5 individual cryovials or 1 cryobag. I prefer cryovials because in some diseases such as heart disease, stroke and spinal cord injury, only one vial is required for such therapeutic use. The other 4 vials will remain stored for future use. If you stored in cryobag, you have to waste the stem cell when you don’t need so much.

Upon signing up with this company, they will provide you with a collection kit. Which everything you and your obstetrician or a nurse midwife needs to collect the cord blood. You can see the collection kit from the picture above.

I do encourage people to keep the cord blood stem cells, for your family future.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chewing gum on your clothes?

Sometimes when we were shopping or clubbing, we didn’t notice there were chewing gums and we sit on it. When come back home only we will start to scold those stupid people who throw his/her chewing gums everywhere. Now, you don’t have to worry. I can share with you a simple way to wash away the gums. You just need egg white and toothbrush.

First, apply the egg white on the part where the chewing gums its. Then, leave it for 10-15 minutes. Next, brush away using the toothbrush. It will take off easily when you brush. After that, you can wash your clothes as usual. Is that simple!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Chloe's Story

She was born on 17th March, 2006 in Island Hospital Penang. She was born at 37 weeks of gestation. She weight 3.43kg, her length, 53cm and her head circumference, 34cm. We name her Chloe Koay Su Ling. She had jaundice but luckily recovered a week later.

She is not a picky eater. She eats almost everything. She eats other children dislikes to eat. Like tomatoes, egg yolks, onions, all type of mushroom, bean curd and etc. I’m so lucky to have such a child. I don’t allow her to eats food like chips, candy, deep fried and junk foods. So, every time we eat she will ask for it. But, I will told her that “wait (girl girl) grow up mummy give you eat”. Ha ha….she listened. She is very obedient. Sometimes I eat food she cannot eat, she will say to me again. When she refuses to eat rice, I will tell her that “we have to eat rice to make us strong”. Then, she will eat. She is very good girl.

Her favorite show is Barney. Every morning she wakes up, she will lie down on the sofa. Then, ask for a bottle of milk and her Barney show. Although she likes Barney very much, but her favorite toy is her pink bear. Nothing beat it.

Now, she is going to become elder sister. At first, she said she don’t want baby. Maybe she is too afraid that the baby brother will replace her. We try to convince her that she will be our little princess forever and nothing can change this. Until now, she will says good night and use her hand to pamper her little brother in my tummy. I’m sure she can be a good sister in future.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bleach Pen

This is a bleach pen. It's have dual-tipped, one end is broad scrubber and the other end is fine point. I know this product from my sister-in-law. She always ask my brother-in-law to bought for her from US, because she can't find this product over here in Penang. She recommends this to me and I try to use it. Its really very good. You don't have to soak the clothes in the bleach water. You just need to apply on the stain. Some more you can soak the clothes with colour clothes. It won't spoilt your other garment. One day, when I was shopping at Jusco. I saw this bleach pen. I was so surprise. Finally we don't have to ask my brother-in-law buy this product for us. This product price is quite reasonable. Most people can afford it.