Friday, August 29, 2008

Wash grapes using toothpaste

Last time I used to wash grapes using salt water. One day, I received an email. The email is about how to wash grapes using toothpaste. I am very curious, so I decided to give it a try. It’s really works! It’s even cleaner than you use salt water. It was so amazing. However, you have to rinse it well. If not, you can taste some mints. So, why not you give it a try and find out. I have decided next time continued to use this method to wash my grapes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fashion Tape

I like to use this fashion tape very much. This is 36 pre-cut, 3 inch disposable strips in each box. It is clear double-stick, can do all the apparel and body. This tape is gentle to skin, hypoallergenic and leaves no residue on fabrics. Each strip of tape contains a removable backing on each side. You simply peel the backing from one side of the tape, press the tape firmly to your skin or fabric, remove the other backing, and apply the item to be secured. It’s as easy as peel, stick and go! You can use it daily to help you solve the problem such as slipping straps, falling hems and gaping blouse fronts.

Sometimes I will cut the strip into half because I don't need so long strip to hold my gaping blouse. This tape can hold for very long hours. You have to remember to remove the tape before you take your clothes to laundry. I bought this fashion tape in KL 1-Utama, but I don't know in Penang got sale this tape or not.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My baby girl habit

My baby girl love her teddy bear very much. She can't sleep without her favourite bear. We name her teddy bear "pink bear". Whenever we want to go out, she will definately bring her bear bear along. Her bear bear and her thumb is a pair. When she hug her bear bear she will pop her thumb into her mouth. Then she will take her bear bear ear to rub on her lips. Just like the next picture. Some more she can touch her bear bear ear while she is sucking thumb. If we say we want to throw her bear bear away, she will cry and beg us don't throw. I wonder this bear bear will company her until she grow up. Now her bear bear really very dirty and smelly but for her, she think this is her smell. She love it very much. Sometimes her uncle say want to take her go shopping, she will say want to take her bear bear along. If we forgot to take her bear bear, we have to go back and take for her. So, everytime we want to go out, we have to remind her about it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chloe's swimming costume

This is my little girl. She love swimming very much. I really think that she is very cute wearing her swimming costume. She do look like a gymnast. Ha ha.....this is what I thought. Do you agree after look at her picture? Everytime I say want to take her go swimming, she will know where to take her swimming costume and towel. She will be very excited. I suppose all children like to swim because there can play water. The second picture show her towel. Yes! Her towel. She is wearing her towel. Don't she look cute? My friend bought this towel for her from Australia. I never see this type of towel here before. So, she will dress like this to the pool.