Friday, May 15, 2009

Snakes fighting at my car park

Today afternoon, my husband saw the King Cobra and Python are fighting at our condos car park. Then he snaps the photo for me to see. At that time I was taking a nap. When I wake up he told me and I quickly rush out to see, already too late because the firemen have come to catch the snakes. You can see the Python is wrapping around it the King cobra and it can’t even move. The snakes are just behind a car. Luckily is found and not hiding under the car or go inside the house, if not we can’t imagine what will happen. I wonder if the firemen didn’t come and catch the snakes, what will happen.
You think who win in this fighting? I know. The firemen! Wakakaka……

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Childhood toys

Last week, my daughter asks me to buy her cars stickers, so I went to market to buy for her. However, I couldn’t find pretty stickers for her. Then I decided to buy her coloring book. At the mean time I found this paper dolls book.

Last time when I was a little girl, I used to buy this paper dolls at the grocery shop (chai tiam mah) at 10 cents per piece. It is very cheap compare to now Rm3.50, but of course the quality is different. Nowadays, it comes with a book. Just like coloring book. At first I thought is a coloring book, but when I flip its surprise me, because since a long time I didn’t see this paper dolls. I want to share my childhood toys with my daughter. I told her last time her mommy play with this. I am not so fortunate like her to have so many toys and this is one of them. During my childhood I always play seven stones (7 liap buah), cooking utensils ( masak-masak ), paper dolls and catch fish near the river. He he he…run around the “kampung” and play with sand. Use Milo tin cover to cook leaves and Hibiscus flower petals, it will have sticky fluid after you cook it. Now, I don’t think kids have chance to play with all this stuff. Only those who live in the village will have chance to play, but I think maybe they will not interested anymore. Because now got Nintendo, play station, Lego, Barbie and etc.

So, what did you play during your childhood?