Saturday, March 28, 2009

I nearly kill myself and my two children!

Last night, I take my children and mother-in-law goes to shopping, when we came back already 10pm. So, as usual I will settle down my children and take my shower. I need to boil my baby bottle to sterilize. I had a bad habit I want to make it fast so that I can go to bed earlier, so when I am boiling my bottle, at the same time I went to take my shower. After that, I forgot about bottle! I went to bed. While I’m sleeping, I smell something and I wake up, all my room fills with smoke!

At that time, only I remembered about mine bottles. I quickly rush to the kitchen and turn off the fire. When I look inside the pot, this is how my bottles look. I melt all my bottles!

Then, I open all my house windows and door to release the smoke. I take a look at the clock it was 2am. I cooked the bottles for 3 hours. I called my husband because my husband friend’s grandfather passed away, so he went over to his place. I told my husband what happen and he said he is on the way home.

I am very careless and I don’t have a good memory. I tend to forget things easily. Sometimes when my husband at home, I boil the bottles he will ask me whether want to turn off the fire. At last, this is what happens. I nearly kill myself, my children and burn down the whole apartment, because of my careless mistakes. My heart beat very fast and my hands are cold when I think what had happened. I look at my children, they still sleeping so soundly. They didn’t even know what happen. If on fire, I’m the one who cause the problem.

When my husband came home, I asked him to scold me. I said I nearly kill my children and all the whole apartment people. He said “why I had to scold, things already happened. Just remember this mistake and don’t let it happen again.” This makes me guiltier. I think I will never forget this mistake and the lesson I had learned today forever!