Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fabian Passport Photo

This December we are planning to go on holiday. Chloe already had her passport, so we need to take Fabian to do his very first passport. At first, I thought the picture sure not nice, because children can’t like adult smile at the camera. They will look here and there and sometimes when they are not in mood, they cry! Sigh….

At the beginning they said need to take photo at the immigration. The queue is long, we wait for 1 hour plus and he start to feel sleepy and cranky. I was thinking “oh dear, how can he has a smiling face later”. When his turn, he took the picture and the lady said can’t use, because can see my hands. She asks me to take his photo at studio. OMG, I need to take my walk down the street to the photo shop. I was sweating and Fabian look so tired. What to do, I have to no choice. The girl asks me to go in the studio and let him wear a vest, because his clothes is blue color same as the background. Later cannot see his shoulder. The girl and I try to make him smile. Finally, the result is out. Look for yourself and tell me your comment.

I'm very satisfy, because is better than I expected.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I want to share with you all these stickers. My brother-in-law bought some stickers from US for my daughter. I really like the third picture stickers. I think is very special. I never saw this type of sticker over here. Chloe is so happy to received this gift. She really like stickers very much. Everytime she will ask me to buy for her. I even buy stickers book for her to paste. But I think most of the children also like stickers.